The future of customer support
Make your customers happy and enhance company brand using unified customer communication and analysis platform with behavior prediction system.
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Communicate - Analyze - Satisfy

Give more to your customers.

Communication Platform

Talk to your customers everywhere from one unified dashboard. Hear the user voice all over the internet, across multiple sources.

User Analysis

Discover true attitude to your company brand and leverage it to your advantage using detailed analysis based on user sentiments.

Satisfaction Control

Keep your users and clients always satisfied. Exceed expectations - deliver products and experience that your customers truly want.

Use Our Features

Discover cutting edge tools which make your customers loyal and happy.

Customer Happiness Engine

Good communication is the key from satisfaction. Talk to your customers, connect E-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Viber and much more to reach them in seconds.

Reach Customers Everywhere

Customers talk about you everywhere and you deserve to know the truth. Reach them on hundreds of forums, blogs, in chats from one dashboard.

Automated Mention Monitoring

Customer mentions monitoring will create a great opportunity to detect negative brand reputation displacement as early as possible and react swiftly.

Behavior Activity Forecasting

If you can predict customers needs you can give them what they actually want. Glimpse into the future to deliver the best and exceed expectations.

Plenty of Seamless Integrations

We definitely fit software you use and offer flexible API along with easy setup tools in order to comply with your favorite software.

Customer Health Monitor

Anticipate, predict, feel the sentiment. Our analytics toolkit will help you understand customers better and provide top-notch support service.

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